Bachata Bootcamp

A more exciting way to discover the world of dance

No partner required

November 11 and/or  12, 2022 (Northern Virginia)

December 18 and/or  19, 2022 (Northern Virginia)

Learn to Dance

Meet New People

Build Your Confidence

More than just a dance class

We form a community, bonded by a passion for dance.

Learn one of the hottest Latin dances in the world with a family that cares. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been dancing for years, we have just what you’re looking for.

More than a dance

Each day is limited to 50 people (25 leads, 25 follows)
and tickets sell out quickly!

No partner required

What's the Format Like?

A rich and immersive one day experience to deepen your knowledge and hone your skills.

Friday Format

Saturday / Sunday Format

Limited Time Bonus

Purchase of any ticket includes free entry into the Saturday & Sunday Dance Practice Social at 7:30pm.

Food is reserved for those attending the Bootcamp the day of.

Pick a Day that Fits Your Skill Level

Beginner 1

Friday, November 11th
7:30 - 10:15 PM

For newbies or people who want to reinforce the basic steps, turns, & fundamentals

Will be updated soon

Requirement: Good energy and a positive attitude

No partner required

Beginner 2 & 3

Saturday, November 12th
1:30 - 9:30 PM

For those who already know the basic steps & turns of Bachata

Will be updated soon

Requirement: An understanding of Friday's material

No partner required


Note: Unfortunately we are unable to host Sunday Bootcamp in November 🙁

For experienced dancers with an understanding of syncopations, isolations, and body movement

Will be updated soon

Requirement: An understanding of Saturday's material

No partner required

Modern Ballroom Dance Studio
Woodbridge, VA 22192

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By taking part in Marcelo's Bachata Bootcamp, you'll be exposing yourself to:

You will gain so much more than improved dance skills. You will gain confidence, a love of bachata, and best of all a community of diverse people who love to dance!

-Lindsey F

What Will You Learn?

The Basic Steps (with confidence)

Turn Steps into Fluid Dancing

Understand the Music

Dance to the Beat

Syncopations & Footwork

Simple & Advanced Turn Patterns

Arm Movement & Styling

Body Movement & Isolations

Posture, Frame & Tension

Connection with your Partner

Proper Dance Etiquette

Dance with Confidence & Style

No partner required

14 Sold Out Bootcamps

What You Can Expect

Detailed Curriculum

Organized Class Structure

Proven Methodology

Over 500 Bootcampers From All Over the DMV

And as far as North Carolina & NYC

As a first time Bachata learner, I was a bit intimidated but Marcelo had a grace about him that really made the entire process so enjoyable and fun! He's clear with his direction, patient with his tone, and emits an energy that truly shows his passion for dance.

Kristina B

Marcelo's bootcamp is a great way to stretch your dancing skills. Not only does he break down skills clearly when he teaches, he is one of the warmest people to be around.

Jenny E

Marcelo's bootcamp stands out as one of the best Bachata learning opportunities in the area. The instructors were super helpful, fun, energetic and entertaining. The end of the day felt like a big family party of dancing, socializing and food.

Edward C

My biggest hurdle was financially, but this was such a great opportunity and totally worth it. What I enjoyed most was the safe and fun environment, everyone was so nice and welcoming! The event really set the bar high for my first Bachata workshop. Thank you 🙂

Kiana M

I’ve attended every intermediate Bootcamp and have never been disappointed. Getting to immediately practice what you learned while its fresh and see it actually work is a real confidence boost. Can’t wait for next month!

Aaron A

I came to Marcelo's first Bootcamp literally knowing NOTHING; with his step by step guidance and the one-on-one help from the other instructors, I was able to ramp up super quickly.

Johanna M

I was nervous about coming but immediately put at ease during the 5 minute grounding and setting of intention.

Alan G

At first, 6 hours seemed like a lot but it flew by and I wish I could've danced longer! Marcelo is an amazing teacher who adapts himself to all levels of skill, no one is left behind. I made new friends and really felt a part of the dance community. I can't wait for the next one!

Tiffany W

The bootcamp is a well-organized, professional event that will challenge you to take your dancing to the next level. Marcelo is a talented instructor who cares about each student and genuinely connects with them. I can't say enough about how excellent the experience was.

Joe V

Limited to 50 Spots

Meet Your Instructor

12 years teaching & inspiring dance

Marcelo Meet Instructor
Marcelo is passionate about adding joy and value to the lives of others, and dance is one of his main avenues to do so.

“I always enjoy being around your energy, it’s unmatched and so refreshing!” -Marina L

“Marcelo breaks down techniques and routines like no one I’ve seen!! His understanding of a dancer’s progression and frustrations along the learning curve is 100%, and so he takes the time to help everyone push through and break out.” -Jose H

Reviews for Marcelo's Bachata Bootcamp

Angela Clemons
Angela Clemons
I really enjoyed the lessons with Marcelo and his staff. I learned a lot in a short period of time. I cannot wait to take the next class so I can perfect what I learned in the beginners class. The class was better than I expected. The instructions were given in a fun and easy way. The music was great and everyone had a nice and friendly attitude. The environment was fun and positive. I was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough partners or everyone would be coupled up but that was not the case. Everyone danced with everyone. I liked the partner rotations. Thanks for everything!!
Scott Thomson
Scott Thomson
Marcello's bootcamp is always a great experience! His team puts in the necessary work to make the event go smoothly. The crowd is very warm and friendly. The food is always great. The venue at modern ballroom is a perfect fit for this type of learning. Most importantly, Marcelo is as talented at teaching as he is at dancing!
Bob Padgett - QF0B1GA
Bob Padgett - QF0B1GA
Great beginner bachata bootcamp experience, Marcelo and his team delivered a well crafted class that address the participants at the levels of experience each brought to the class.
Edward Chu
Edward Chu
Marcelos bootcamps stand out as one of the best Bachata learning opportunities in the area. Excellent instruction. Marcelo Consistently requests feedback to identify ways to improve the BootCamp value experience. Challenging, fun, good food and great company. You will not regret giving this a shot.
Yasi Abaspour P
Yasi Abaspour P
My 2nd boot camp with them. You won’t regret it. Had an awesome experience, 5 stars!!
Mimi Nguyen
Mimi Nguyen
Marcelo has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for teaching. He's also really good at breaking down moves at all skill levels. Attend a class! I always have fun and learn a lot.
Dahlia Rose
Dahlia Rose
I had such a great time at Marcelo’s bootcamp! The bootcamp was both challenging and fun. All of the staff were kind, helpful, and welcoming. The dance studio was nice and clean. The food they provided was great! The atmosphere and experience was all around top notch. Would definitely do another workshop and would certainly recommend others to try it! Thank you ❤️❤️
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar
Superb !! I learned to dance, Marcelo's classes helped me to break the ice and go forward. Social dancing is really enhancing. I started in zero and continue learning
Larisa Bezko
Larisa Bezko
Highly recommend this studio if you want to learn bachata. You will feel welcomed from day one and forever! I took class with Marcelo when I was just curious about Bachata and I still can't stop :). I love Marcelo’s teaching style, the way he answers students' questions in a thorough manner and gives an understandable breakdown of the dance moves, that definitely makes it stress-free and fun for the newbies! :).
Victor Investor
Victor Investor
Marcelo has a wonderful bootcamp with an excellent staff. I enjoy the energy and welcoming environment. I am looking forward to the next event!

If you attend the entire day from start to finish and don't love it, we insist you get your money back.

Are you ready to take dance life to the next level?

No partner required