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From just-getting-started to experienced dancers, we have a program for you!

From Awkward and Confused to Confident and Killin’ it!

Whether you’re just-getting-started or you’ve been dancing for years, we have a program for you!

We know what it’s like..

❌ To think you can’t dance

❌ To feel left out at parties

❌ To believe you have two left feet

❌ To plateau and stop making progress

❌ To think there is no way you can learn


✅ Fun date nights

✅ Dancing with flow

✅ Beaming with confidence

✅ Enjoying yourself at parties for years to come!!

We know what it’s like…

To think you can’t dance

To feel left out at a party

To believe you have two left feet

To plateau and stop making progress

To think there is no way you can learn


It's possible!

It’s not only possible, these are real experiences from people just like you!

I came to Marcelo’s first class literally knowing NOTHING; with his step by step guidance and the one-on-one help from the other instructors, I was able to ramp up super quickly.

Johanna M.

You will gain so much more than improved dance skills. You will gain confidence, a love of bachata, and best of all a community of diverse people who love to dance!

Lindsey F.

I was nervous about coming but immediately put at ease during the 5 minute intro.

Allan G.

As a first time Bachata learner, I was a bit intimidated but Marcelo had a grace about him that really made the entire process so enjoyable and fun.

Kristina B.


A passionate team obsessed with giving you a first class experience.

Highly Trained Instructors

Compassionate and committed to your success

Modern Studio

Beautifully designed with full length mirrors and quality flooring

Structured Levels

Organized group classes both challenging and enjoyable

Family Friendly & Social

Inclusive safe environment to foster lifelong friendships

Technique & Foundation

Build your skills and avoid injury. Learn all the fun YouTube moves the right way

Regular Events

Socials, theme nights, and special events


Dance is just like any other learned skill, not inborn. Our classes are carefully planned with a focused objective- develop the proper building blocks to reduce the time it takes to learn how to dance.

Thursdays at 7pm

Experience: No experience required. If you’re new, this is the starter course no one should miss.

Material: Basic steps, simple turns, weight transfers, dancing to the rhythm.

Suggestion: Take for 1 or 2 months before moving to Level 2.

Give It a Try, Half-off

Thursdays at 8pm

Experience: If you know the basic steps, this is for you. Must know the basic steps and turns of Bachata. This is not an introduction course.

Material: Lead and follow technique, connection, introduction to styling, turn patterns perfect to the dance floor.

Suggestion: Take for minimum of 3 months prior to moving to Level 3.

Give It a Try, Half-off

Thursdays at 9pm

Experience: Geared towards dancers with 6 months of regular class and social dance experience. Must have an in-depth understanding of turn patterns, signals, lead & follow connection, posture, frame, and timing. If you are unsure, start with Level 2.

Material: Builds off Level 2 to create more dynamic turn patterns, footwork, styling, and body movement.

Suggestion: Take for 6 month before moving to Level 4 (intermediate).

Give It a Try, Half-off

A sneak peak..
feel the energy of MDC!

What People Are Saying...

Angela Clemons
Angela Clemons
I really enjoyed the lessons with Marcelo and his staff. I learned a lot in a short period of time. I cannot wait to take the next class so I can perfect what I learned in the beginners class. The class was better than I expected. The instructions were given in a fun and easy way. The music was great and everyone had a nice and friendly attitude. The environment was fun and positive. I was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough partners or everyone would be coupled up but that was not the case. Everyone danced with everyone. I liked the partner rotations. Thanks for everything!!
Scott Thomson
Scott Thomson
Marcello's bootcamp is always a great experience! His team puts in the necessary work to make the event go smoothly. The crowd is very warm and friendly. The food is always great. The venue at modern ballroom is a perfect fit for this type of learning. Most importantly, Marcelo is as talented at teaching as he is at dancing!
Bob Padgett - QF0B1GA
Bob Padgett - QF0B1GA
Great beginner bachata bootcamp experience, Marcelo and his team delivered a well crafted class that address the participants at the levels of experience each brought to the class.
Edward Chu
Edward Chu
Marcelos bootcamps stand out as one of the best Bachata learning opportunities in the area. Excellent instruction. Marcelo Consistently requests feedback to identify ways to improve the BootCamp value experience. Challenging, fun, good food and great company. You will not regret giving this a shot.
Yasi Abaspour P
Yasi Abaspour P
My 2nd boot camp with them. You won’t regret it. Had an awesome experience, 5 stars!!
Mimi Nguyen
Mimi Nguyen
Marcelo has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for teaching. He's also really good at breaking down moves at all skill levels. Attend a class! I always have fun and learn a lot.
Dahlia Rose
Dahlia Rose
I had such a great time at Marcelo’s bootcamp! The bootcamp was both challenging and fun. All of the staff were kind, helpful, and welcoming. The dance studio was nice and clean. The food they provided was great! The atmosphere and experience was all around top notch. Would definitely do another workshop and would certainly recommend others to try it! Thank you ❤️❤️
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar
Superb !! I learned to dance, Marcelo's classes helped me to break the ice and go forward. Social dancing is really enhancing. I started in zero and continue learning
Larisa Bezko
Larisa Bezko
Highly recommend this studio if you want to learn bachata. You will feel welcomed from day one and forever! I took class with Marcelo when I was just curious about Bachata and I still can't stop :). I love Marcelo’s teaching style, the way he answers students' questions in a thorough manner and gives an understandable breakdown of the dance moves, that definitely makes it stress-free and fun for the newbies! :).
Victor Investor
Victor Investor
Marcelo has a wonderful bootcamp with an excellent staff. I enjoy the energy and welcoming environment. I am looking forward to the next event!


Get Fit

Excellent low-impact cardio workout for your heart without feeling like exercise. Build strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility

Build Confidence

Develop social skills and increase your confidence while learning how to dance

Increase Energy Levels

Stimulates oxytocin and serotonin, known as the “happy” chemical because it contributes to well-being and happiness.

Raise Quality of Life

Dance encourages you to be present, enjoy the moment, go with the flow, and to let go of stress and worries

Improve Memory

Time spent memorizing steps and listening carefully to music improve your memory, sharpen your cognitive skills, and keep your brain in great shape.

A Skill for Life

A universal language and skill that enhances the quality of your life no matter where you go!



No! If you bring a partner, fantastic. If you don’t bring a partner, fantastic.

The class operates a partner rotation system, which means you get to practice with a new partner every few minutes and meet new friends.

If you have a partner and you do not wish to rotate, you can remain together exclusively for the entire class.

If you know the basic steps and turns of Bachata, you can try starting with Level 2. If you are unsure and want a solid foundation, we recommend starting with Level 1.

If you are unsure between Level 2 and Level 3, we recommend starting with Level 2.

It is not uncommon for some people to take 2 levels on the same day while they transition from one level to the next.

Wear something comfortable and easy to move in.

First timers, preferably no heels as it’s harder to learn. Once you learn the fundamentals, then switch to heels. Otherwise, wear something comfortable that doesn’t have too much grip.

Preferably no black souls that will heavily mark the dance floor.

Due to limited space per class, we ask for a 24 hour notice in order to reschedule your class without losing the credit. This allows us sufficient time to open it to another student. Classes missed without notice will not receive a refund.

If you’re not sure what level you should take, we encourage you to start with the lower one on the first night.

If you have experience with Bachata, you aren’t sure which level to take, and you really want to take two levels on your first day- we are happy to assist you. Please reply to your confirmation email requesting information for a 2nd ticket. The 2nd ticket will be regular price, which is $20 for a one time drop-in.

The “half-off your first class” deal is valid once per customer.

After your first class, we offer discounted packs of 5 and 10.

If they are a first time student, yes. 

Important: You must use their Name, Email, and Phone Number so that their ticket and email confirmation shows the correct information.

$20 for 1 drop-in class

$85 for a 5-pack ($17/class)

$150 for a 10-pack ($15/class)

These are available after your first class. Inquire about them in person or via email.

Very simple! If you attend class and you aren’t pleased with your experience or you feel that you didn’t receive your money’s worth, just let us know before you leave and we’ll refund you!

We truly want happy customers that are enjoying themselves with our program. So, no hard feelings. 🙂

Don’t delay. You have all the information you need to give us and yourself a try! 🙂

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I came to Marcelo’s first class literally knowing NOTHING; with his step by step guidance and the one-on-one help from the other instructors, I was able to ramp up super quickly.
Johanna M.

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